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Captain 0
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Captain 0 on The Cake
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Captain 0's reaction to teh Irate Gamer.

It's Captain 0! OMG!

Captain 0 is a computer-created being that has all these awesome powers (hence the 0 in his name means that unamazing mortals have a 0% chance of doing things he does), and is the head of the Legion of Captains, the UnAnything Wiki and the UnAnything Team. His rival is Captain 1.

Origin and Early to Later life

He started life as a little boring stick figure in a hi-tech computer. But one day, the computer went slightly haywire, sucking in a fully energized light-bulb, and a computer chip, which collided with the stick figure into a creating machine, which brought Captain 0 to life. After scientists discovered his truly awesome powers, he was entered in a fighting stadium, fighting his way to the top of the fighting ring to become the Master Champion. After beating the first Master Champion, Captain 0 became known as one of the greatest fighters who ever lived.

Captain 0 with a gun!


He has powers similar to that of the Mii in a Wii boxing shame, but has tougher fist power. He can also jump 30 feet high and run fast (almost as fast as Sonic himself). He also has another cool power, turn his own hands into Mega Man's beam cannon, and can use them with different abilities like a standard blaster, a highly nuclear flamethrower to burn down metal, or the powers of a Gravity gun or pocket blaster.


  • He was originally have his own name be 0, but due to name confusions with Zero (or his revival form, Zero Two), he decided to change his name to Captain 0 so he'd be more recognized.
  • He is one of the few guys (along with the Undefeatable, Guiyii, Giygas, etc.) to be immune to Weegee's stare, because if Weegee tried to stare at him, he'd just sock him in the face and send him flying off a cliff.