Call of Ducky vs. Halo

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Call of Ducky vs. Halo is a shame. We're not sure if it's in the Call of Ducky series or if it's in the Halo series, so we'll just say it's in "the series". CoDvH is currently nominated for three different awards, but Nobody is hosting the awards shows. This shame is a disgrace to both series, so we're just going to pretend it doesn't exist.


The year is 2552. The Spartans uncover a mysterious device known as the DeLorean. They get in, and they time travel back to the year 2012. They realize they are in the past, and come up with a diabolical plan: kill all of their ancestors, making it impossible for them to ever be born, making it impossible for them to travel back in time, making it impossible for them to kill their ancestors, etc.

The Spartans use their super-nukes from the 26th century to blow up every country, but Ducky activates his Ducky-shield just in time, protecting the Ducky Empire from the nukes. Now the Spartans are moving in on foot to destroy the Ducky Empire. After 540 years of fighting, Ducky realizes it is 2552 and he can put a stop to all of this. He goes to where the Spartans first found the DeLorean, and stops them before they can use it.

OVER 9000 paradoxes happened during these events, nearly destroying the UnUniverse as we know it. Chuck Norris decided he didn't want the UnUniverse destroyed, so he roundhouse kicked the spacetime continuum, erasing these events from history.


This shame is just like all of the Halo and Call of Ducky shames. You get a gun, then you shoot stuff. All of the weapons from every Halo and Call of Ducky shame are in this shame. The shame then pits the Spartans against the Ducky Legion. The only difference is that the Spartans win every time because they're genetically modified super soldiers of pure awesomeness with equipment from the 26th century. The Ducky Legion is composed of a bunch of clowns Ducky found on the streets.