Call of Ducky 4: Modern Warfare

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Call of Ducky 4: Modern Warfare is (believe it or not) the 4th installment in the Call of Ducky series. It's the first Call of Ducky shame to have a colon in its name, so it's special. It's also the first shame that Anybody considered "good". It's also the first Call of Ducky shame that has a "4" in its name. And its the first Call of Ducky shame that doesn't take place during the Old War. Call of Ducky 4 is still somewhat popular, despite the fact that OVER 9000 more Call of Ducky shames have been made. The Shame was re-released after Call of Ducky: Black Ops 3. It was apparently part of a bundle with some other new Call of Ducky shame, but Nobody played that shame and just played this one again.


In Call of Ducky 4, you actually get to play as Ducky. This is a first in Call of Ducky history. Ducky walks up to a door, and opens it. This concludes Ducky's playable portion of the shame.

From that point on, the main character is William "B.J." Blazkowicz. After killing all of the Nazis, William decides to enlist in the Ducky Legion. He only does this because of the 1st Ducky War, and the fact that it will allow him to kill more guys. Of course, he thinks they're fighting Nazis.

Basically, William runs around like a lunatic screaming "DIE NAZI!" at every UnAmerican soldier he sees. He doesn't actually shoot them. He just screams at them. The only time you get to shoot anyone is during the last level. In the last level, you must assassinate Barack Obama. Of course the plan fails miserably, but what did you expect of a delusional ex-Nazi-hunter?


The goal of the shame is to run around and scream at UnAmerican soldiers. This will confuse them to the point where they will stop shooting. Besides that, you do absolutely nothing but walk around. The only time you get to fire a bullet is in the final mission, and a cutscene starts as soon as you pull the trigger.

In the multiplayer, you actually shoot people. Except they are just paintball guns. But the paintballs somehow kill people anyways. This was probably to shut up Jack Thompson or something. We're not really sure.


This shame is considered one of the best Call of Ducky shames to ever have been made in the history of ever. ISN, ShameSpy, Biased Ratings and Shigeru Miyamoto all agreed it was 47.7 out of orange gumdrops cakes and a half. We have a whole department here on the UnAnything Team assembled for the sole purpose of figuring out what that could possibly mean.