Call of Ducky 2

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Almost as good as the original!

Call of Ducky 2 is the sequel of critically acclaimed Call of Ducky. Like the first, it is all about shooting lotsa random guys. Call of Ducky 2 also has the added bonus of stupid, which was not quite as common when this shame was made (though it was still common). Call of Ducky 2 is arguably the most purple Call of Ducky shame. It's way worse than Animator vs. Animation: The Movie, which is 1000 times better than this.


Unlike the first shame, this shame actually follows the story of Ducky himself. You play as Private Dr. Batman, an newly enlisted recruit in the Ducky army. The Old War is at its height, and Ducky needs protection. Dr. Batman is assigned to patrol Duckopolis. But then everything changed when the Fire Nation UnAmericans attacked...

Dr. Batman pulled out an AK-47 and started shooting at the UnAmericans. Then he realized Ducky's personal quarters were under attack. He saved Ducky, and Ducky thanked him with a potentially lethal job: escort Ducky to a safe zone in the other side of the empire.

Batman accepts, and the two of them walk across the entire empire to avoid UnAmerican forces. They are attacked about every five minutes, but Dr. Batman somehow kills OVER 9000 guys by himself and keeps Ducky alive. They eventually make it to the shelter, where Dr. Batman is then shot non-fatally in the mustache.


The goal of the game is to get Ducky to the safe zone half-way across the empire. So basically, the whole shame is one giant escort mission. You also get to kill guys, but that doesn't make it fun. And if Ducky dies, you have start the entire shame over from the beginning. That means that if you're on the last mission, you just lost 7 hours of progress.

Then there's the multiplayer. The multiplayer is exactly the same as the first, except there's less blood and guts. Everybody knows that the only reason Anybody plays Call of Ducky, so the shame basically shot itself in the foot by doing this.


ISN probably put it best: "Besides being really purple, this shame sucks." The shame was then given a -4.2 by ISN, which is one of the lowest ranks it's ever given. They think this shame is as bad as E.T. (shame). Biased Ratings on the other hand, say this shame is the best shame since Halo: Combat Devolved.