Call of Ducky: World at War

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A world full of awesomeness war and bloodshed.

Call of Ducky: World at War is the 5th thingy in the Call of Ducky series. It is about total apocalypse and rabies. This shame supposedly teaches all of the 12 year olds actual morals, but Everybody knows this is a lie. World at War sold OVER 9000 copies upon debut, with another 3,000,000 sold later on. And it has guns. Lots of guns.


This shame revolves around The King of Burgers, a private in the UnAmerican army. The story starts with The King of Burgers massacring hundreds of innocent people in the Ducky Empire just because he feels like it. Realizing that he is going crazy, he decides to blame the easiest scapegoat he possibly can: the government. Abandoning the UnAmerican government, he joins the Ducky Legion and starts massacring innocent UnAmericans just because he feels like it. The rest of his storyline just shows The King of Burgers' mental breakdown unfold.

Meanwhile, Heavy Weapons Guy decided Soviet Russia needs to be in on the action during the Old War. He takes his AK-47, and starts shooting at all the guys. He shoots at Ducky's soldiers and UnAmerican soldiers. He eventually decides to go back to Russia when he realizes he forgot his Sandvich.


The goal of the shame is to shoot as many people as possible. It doesn't matter who, just shoot. The King of Burgers doesn't care because he's going insane. Heavy Weapons Guy doesn't care because he just doesn't care. You get 1337 points every time you kill someone. You beat the level when you get 1,000,000,000,000 points (this means you must kill 327 people per level).

In the multiplayer portion of the shame, you just run around and shoot stuff. There is no form of structure or order. It's like that one forum that doesn't have an admin. No banhammer = no order. But it's kinda fun if you BELIEVE YOU CAN FLY! IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN TOUCH THE SKY! Sorry... I have no idea where that came from. I swear.


Everybody liked this shame. Even the people that didn't like it liked it. Nobody even bothered to rate it because everybody agreed they liked it. The only group that actually rated it was Biased Ratings, and they gave it "two Sonics and a Tails". At this point, we've stopped trying to make sense of the ratings that Biased Ratings gives out.