Call of Ducky: UnAdvanced Warfare

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Call of Ducky: UnAdvanced Warfare is an UnFun video shame in the Call of Ducky series. It's like the other Call of Ducky shames, except it's more "advanced". By advanced, we mean that there are more blood animations than ever before. Call of Ducky: UnAdvanced Warfare has won three different awards, but nobody cared enough to actually tell us what they were.


The year is 4000. World War III is at its peak, and lotsa people are dying. UnAmerica has been completely obliterated by the German onslaught of nukes. The Pacifist Organization of Overaggressive Protectiveness is organizing a small squad of soldiers to infiltrate Germany and assassinate Marguerite Williams.

Dipsy, Bender, and Dr. Eggman Nega are all recruited to save the UnWorld from complete and total annihilation. The squad is sent on its first mission. Their job is to break into Williams' hideout, kill her, and eat all of Toka Ryuumonbuchi's cheese. The moment the team steps onto German territory, the war ends and the End of Days begins.


The shame starts with 45 minutes of cutscene. Then the player chooses to be one of the three main characters. Once the character is chosen, the shame begins. The player must take three steps to enter German territory. Then another 20 minutes of cutscene and the shame ends.


The shame was highly praised for its storyline. George W. Bush is on record saying "It made me cry. Then I peed my pants and had to go find some new ones. I was so upset, I declared war on Iraq." ISN reports that CoD: UAW was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. Biased Ratings gave it a 4. Just a plain old 4.

Despite this praise, the shame is ununiversally considered to be one of the worst shames ever made. This is because it's actually just a movie with a "walk into Germany simulator".