Call of Ducky: The Movie: The Shame

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The cover designers had to do it in 3 minutes or Paper Doll Man would shoot them.

Call of Ducky: The Movie: The Shame is a shame based on the events of Call of Ducky: The Movie, which is in turn loosely based on the Call of Ducky shames. Call of Ducky: The Movie: The Shame was released direct to VHS in 2008. Then Ducky beat the crap out of Everybody for doing something so stupid (you know, because you can't play a shame on a VHS), and then they released it for the Nintendo Wii U (Ducky is angry about this too).


This shame is all about Ducky smashing out windows on Wall Street. Nobody has any idea how this made it into the final copy, especially since it has absolutely nothing to do with the movie in any way. Ducky just walks down the street, smashing every window in sight. When Ducky is finished smashing windows, Ducky is attacked by Evil Snowmen for 3 hours.


You just press the same button over and over. That's it. You press the button, and Ducky walks to the next window. Then you push the button. Then he walks to another window. Then you push the button. You do this about three thousand times. At this point, either your thumb or your controller is broken beyond repair (either way, we're cutting off your thumb). Then the evil snowmen scene is just a cutscene. For three hours.


This shame was about as popular as a Virtual Boy that can't play shames.