Call of Ducky: Black Ops III

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Call of Ducky: Black Ops III is a shame. You play as Ducky and you kill people. Ducky can use auto rifles and pistols to kill the f**k outta police. The multiplayer is better than Call of Ducky: Ghosts. Also, Evil Snowmen mode returns.


Players once more step into the shoes of Ducky as he signs a peace treaty with the United States of UnAmerica and ending The Old War . This concludes Ducky's playable segment of the game. You then begin playing as, well, You as you chase down Dark Ducky before he can start a full scale Snowtomic War between the Ducky Empire and UnAmerica. And that's all you do for the entire Shame. Chase Dark Ducky and then kill him. Oh, you can use guns but then Dark Ducky will get away and you'll have to start all over again.


The Multiplayer is the same as Call of Ducky: UnAdvanced Warfare only now you can run along walls as well. Guns do less damage this time round as all they fire are Paintballs, which hurt but don't exactly kill people. However a lot of people think its fun.


Biased Ratings gave this shame a 99/10. Michael Jackson said he enjoyed this shame. Even Squadala Man said he enjoyed it. Unlike its predecessor, Batman seemed to have no problem with this shame. This makes it the most popular shame since Call of Ducky: Modern Warfare 3.