Call of Ducky: Black Ops 2

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Revenge of Ducky

Call of Ducky: Black Ops 2 (also known as Call of Ducky: Lotsa Stuff Happens) is yet another installment in the Call of Ducky series. It was officially the best shame to ever be released on its release day (the only other shame released that day was The Loserific Adventure). Black Ops 2 also broke some records, but those records are stupid anyways. Black Ops 2 is still available for purchase at Wal-Mart.


Black Ops 2 follows the story of Bob Ross' long lost father Darth Vader. Vader isn't really Ross' father, but that's what Vader told him. Darth Vader must travel to Earth from A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away to discover the truth about his son's past. Vader comes to Earth right in the middle of the 2nd Ducky War.

With Vader's competence with a lightsaber and mastery of The Force (not to mention the fact that he has a magnum), the random soldiers are useless. The entire shame is basically a killing simulator because none of the enemies can put a scratch on Vader.

Darth Vader slowly learns a dark secret about Bob Ross... he's not Vader's son. Enraged, Vader hunts down Ross and declares him a liar. This is ironic, because Vader was the one who told Ross. Darth Vader then attempts to kill Bob Ross, while Ross tries to convert Vader to the light side. Ross is successful, and Darth Vader becomes good once again. Upon returning the A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away to set things right, Vader hits his head and becomes evil again.


Darth Vader has three weapons at his disposal at any given time: a lightsaber, the force, and a gun of the player's choice. The default weapon is the magnum, but the Spartan Laser, Sniper Rifle, DD-Ray and Dinner Blaster are all options. With these weapons, Darth Vader must destroy Everybody in his path.


Black Ops 2 is the second most popular Call of Ducky shame ever made. The only one more popular was Call of Ducky: Modern Warfare 3. It was only more popular because it was basically a movie, and violent 12 year olds would much rather watch blood and guts than do it themselves.

ISN chose to not even rate this shame because Batman threatened to kill them if they did. Biased Ratings did not respond upon questioning, but it is suspected Batman was there too. When Luke Skywalker was asked for an interview, he just screamed "DON'T KILL ME BATMAN!" while peeing his pants. We have no idea what Batman had against this shame.