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Cquote1.png Do any of you know that this article was entirely written by me?! muhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Cquote2.png
—''', Blue Elmo talking about this page.

Blue Elmo is Elmo's evil long lost twin, yes, even eviler than Elmo. He does terrible stuff that Nobody else does and accuses Elmo of doing it. He is not part of the Elmo Gang, although he made a cameo appearance in Grand Theft Sesame Street, when he sells Cheese to neighbors.


Early Life[edit]

Blue Elmo, in a rare security camera shot about to blow up Elmo's house, thankfully, he was caught BY ELMO!!!

It is unknown about Blue Elmo's early years, but some say he was possessed after he was a newborn. Whoever possessed him was unknown. According to Blue Elmo, when he attended school, if some one bullied him, he would say evil stuff that the bully never knew yet, and after he said the evil stuff the bully was to stupid to be a scared of what he said.

Blue Elmo and Elmo[edit]

One day when Elmo got struck by lightning when going to work, Blue Elmo saw what happened (He is not shown in this cut scene of GFST. Thinking it would be a idea to do bad stuff like what happened, he came up of a great idea, a idea similar to what happened to Elmo, this time, he didn't do it like that. Instead, he putted a toaster in a bathtub with water and putted the toaster in the water and electrocuted him. And that's how Blue Elmo started accusing Elmo of what Blue Elmo did.


He is hiding under his bed making rude comments and more evil plans to accuse Elmo on Elmo's UnAnything page, but most of his comments get deleted.


He looks like Grover but has red eyes, dirty mid and is very violent.