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Cquote1.png HELLO KIDS, YAH WANT TO PLAY!!!!!!!?!?!!? Cquote2.png

Blue is a creepy doll that isn't even blue.

One day a kid named Murfee and his friend went through a crawlspace to find some junk. Murfee found an old doll from his childhood named Blue that had always terrified him. He and his friend Burned it. Later that night Murfee saw that Blue was at the foot of his bed. Blue asked Murfee if he wanted to play hide and kill and Murfee ran away but Blue chased him. His dog, Joey saw the thing and called Doug to help him. Joey and Doug grabbed Blue and stabbed him. Later Joey and Doug preformed an exorcism to get rid of Blue but it didn't work but Blue told them he was allergic to red bull so they made him drink it. Blue told them he lied and turned into a "supa powad monsta" and flew off and disappeared forever.