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A fisherman caught a blooper Eightbitus Theutida.

Bloopers  (Eightbitus Theutida) are cephalopods that lives in Mario's universe. Bloopers are extremely dangerous because of their 8-bit structures. Their inks are super sharp and dangerous. Bloopers are squids, except that they came from Mario's universe and their made out of 8-bit.


As there population increases, some bloopers leave their original home and went to oceans, rivers and lakes to live. Einstein said that the bloopers are invading the water bodies. He said that if we don't act sooner, bloopers will rule the waters and eventually kill us. Scientists of New York City found a way to defeat the bloopers. Just by adding acids to acids, they will form a substance called acid. They will drop it on the water and the bloopers will die.

Bloopers multiply quickly that every second, 500 bloopers are produced.