Benjamin Franklin

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Cquote1.png In the name of science! Cquote2.png
Benjamin Franklin Before Being Hit With A Lightning Bolt

Benjamin Franklin
B franklin.jpg

Flying a kite in a thunder storm is smart.

Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Red
Species: Biological Weapon
Home: Pittsburgh
Death: Diabetes
AKA: $100 Bill Guy
Likes: To lose weight
Dislikes: Chess Playing Robots
Education: Very Smart
Occupation: Scientist
Known For: Flying a Kite
UnRank: 10^56,890

Benjamin Franklin was the real deal. He was considered a great rapper for his time, although many people criticize him for being stupid enough to fly a kite in a thunder storm. Even though people think he is an idiot, they admit that he has sk1llz. He is the only president to ever appear on the hundred dollar bill in the USA.


Early Life[edit]

Benjamin Franklin was born in Pittsburgh in the 1700's. As a child, he had an interest with stupid stunts and dare devils. At age nine, he climbed the tallest tree, but fell down and broke his legs and arms. He was immobilized for six months. During that time he grew fat.

Rapping As B-Frank[edit]

After going to college, Benjamin Franklin became a rapper known as B-Frank. He beat King George in a rap battle once. He then quit rapping to keep his undefeated record.

Science Time[edit]

Benjamin Franklin may have had no common sense, but he was very smart. So he became a scientist. He invented many things, and created the stuff needed to build the Dinner Blaster and Toaster.

Finding Father[edit]

Benjamin needed money to invent things, so he went on a quest to find a lost father because who ever found him got lotsa money. He searched all of New England for him, and couldn't find him, so he knocked out a British soldier and hypnotized him into thinking he was the father. He turned him in and got money.

Time In France[edit]

While he was in France on a "diplomatic" mission, he played a magical robot who kicked ### at chess. The robot beat Benjamin, which put him in a temporary depression. He was able to overcome his depression by eating Krispy Kream Donuts and Fries.

Making of the Statue of Doom[edit]

When he arrived Bowser City Lakeport, he jumped off his boat, El King. The inhabitants saw a creature who looked yummy-yummy. Benjamin Franklin didn`t care, and finished the Statue of Doom in 31 December, that year. Some moron hated it. He ran to his boat some seconds later.


Benjamin Franklin traveled to India to scare the Indians with electricity, but while he was going there, he was stepped on by a stampede of goats.