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Wut the fuk is diz dumb eval sheet?

The infamous Baby Sun aka I.M. (Idiot Manipulation) Sun Baby and The Sun named Jessica (Formerly) is a terrifying evil sun which has comes to life. The Baby Sun has a baby's face, hence the name. It can be seen in the skies of Teletubby Land, watching down on all the mayhem, as well as causing mayhem itself. It has been in Teletubby Land since the Land first came into existence.


The Baby Sun was once just a magical ball of magma, created by Giygas as a "sun son" of Angry Sun during an experiment 7000 years ago. The experiment failed miserably, and Giygas threw the magma ball as hard as he could. He threw it so hard, it created a rip in the space time continuum. This rip made a portal to A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away. The ball went into the portal. It went past the text through lazors made of blue letters, & went through a dark gray tunnel. The ball crashed into a invisible wall which made a dent that turned into a portal to Hell. The magma ball went through the portal, and ended up flying a million billion thousand hundred ten zillion billion thousand miles from WaPo World & landing by Dora the Explorer, way deep in Hell. Dora, seeing the magma ball, shot a rainbow/white/gray/black-colored laser at it. This laser was enough to trigger the magma ball's magical powers, granting it life and a baby face. It grew to the size of a sun, and flew far away to Teletubby Land. Dora, deciding it was a nice addition to the land, let it live.

Once the Teletubbies found the Sun, the Baby Sun turned even eviler than it was before. This means it was really evil. Now, the Baby Sun works with (and sometimes against) the Teletubbies to cause mass devastation and destruction. The Baby Sun is completely unpredictable, and Nobody knows when or if it will rise. The longest it has ever gone without rising was 75 years, during which time he was busy ruling Germany.


Being made of fire, the sun can control any fire elements, and can also shoot said things at it's foes. It is also partly magical, being able to cast spells and shoot black lazers made of blue letters & idiot manipulation.