Awesome Zero

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OH NOES! It's him! RUN!.......wait, is he evil or good?

Awesome Zero (A.K.A. Awesome 0) is the result of Zero Two and Awesome Face merging into a separate being. He has, as you'd know, awesome powers.

Awesome Zero is just like Zero Two, except he wields the Awesome Force. This grants him even more power, and he tells people about this whenever they listen. He often has to force them to listen.

He floats around in the evilest realms of Hell, except during the summers. He has a summer house in Sesame Street.

Awesome Zero has been granted the job of floating around, and killing bad guys. He doesn't actually do this though, because he doesn't like when people tell him what to do. When they tell him to, he punches them, which knocks them out and/or kills them.