Ashima the Indian Engine

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Cquote1.png My name is Ashima! It's nice to meet you! Cquote2.png
Ashima when introducing herself
Ashima the Indian Engine
Ashima the Indian Engine.png

Ashima, hailing from India

Gender: Female
Hair color: Too many colors we don't know. :(
Eye color: Black
Species: Train, a Nilgiri Mountain X
Home: India
AKA: Ashima of India (According to The Fat Controller)
Likes: Making everybody happy and cheerful, Thomas the Tank Engine.
Dislikes: Sadness, Spencer, Vinnie
Occupation: Motivational speaker, paramedic
Known For: Making everybody happy and letting them be who they are.
UnRank: 10,00,00,000
Promotion: Yes

Ashima the Indian Engine is a primarily magenta train with other colors on her (including orange green, blue, and black) hailing from India and visiting Sodor.

While on Sodor[edit]

Ashima is very kind, cheerful, and helpful on Sodor, especially with Thomas. She wanted to make sure everybody is okay, same went with Hiro, who hailed from Japan.

She defended Thomas from both Spencer of Great Britain and Vinnie of Canada, though she feared that Vinnie was worse. Thomas also defended Ashima from Vinnie because he knew Ashima was a very good friend towards all the natives of Sodor.

Like Hiro before her, she sometimes visits Sodor because everybody there knew both Hiro and Ashima are beloved foreigners.

Outside of Sodor[edit]

Ashima thinks about her friends everyday, and is concerned about them while she's gone.

As she's a spy, kind of, she installed a keylogger on the Fat Controller's computer.

She had to eventually return to Sodor since This is Bob was Blowing Stuff Up.