Ash Ketchum

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Ash after years of battle.

Ash J. Ketchum is some stupid spoiled brat that gets to run around and do whatever he wants without any parental supervision. He often hangs out with Misty and Brock while they go on an adventure to take over the world be the very best like no one ever was. Ash Ketchum is also a master Pokemon trainer and elite soldier in three different militaries.

Ash was born to a stupid mother and Professor Oak in 1996. He turned ten within 3 days, and immediately started going on a Pokemon adventure! He made lotsa friends and did lotsa stuff that you would get a time out for. Then he saved the world from Team Rocket OVER 9000 times and he made lotsa asplosions. Then he started to get weird.

Ash's decent into insanity was a slow one. It started when he caught Mewtwo. Except, he didn't actually catch Mewtwo. He just threw a Pokeball at Mewtwo's face (which probably hurt), and then he started screaming "I CAUGHT MEWTWO OH YEAH IM AWESOME RDFAHGYARJF BHRAZHJXRJ!" Meanwhile, Mewtwo used a jedi mind trick to make Ash jump off of a building.

Ash survived, but then he told Everybody he was going to join the military. He joined the militaries of the Sonic Islands, Mushroom Kingdom, and the Ducky Empire. He fought in lotsa wars and shot at lotsa people. He said his only regret was not catching Magikarp, arguably the easiest thing to do ever.

As time went on, Ash simply began to lose his grip on reality. He started calling Misty "mommy" and then he shot Brock. Ash was on the run from the police for 7 years (but he's still 10 years old). He was eventually caught and determined "legally insane". After running away and shooting more stuff with a Rocket Launcher, he was eventually caught by Batman. He now resides in a rubber room muttering something about lieking Mudkipz

Batman sometimes keeps watch on Ash Ketchum but one day Ash Ketchum started calling Batman a Pokemon and tried to catch him. Batman was being his lazy self and he was just sitting around drinking Coke (not cocaine)

He ended up blowing up due to Coke side-effects and than Ash Ketchum caught Batman.

Now Ash lives with his dead Pokemon (Batman) who he thinks is Mudkip. They've been doing this since 1800. The only reason why the Pokemon shame exists is because a bunch of random people started spying on them forcing Ash to tell him his "adventures" as best as he can and that's how Pokemon was invented!