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Anybody can do something in this crowd!

Not to be confused with Somebody.

Anybody (also called Anyone) is a person who lives somewhere. He or she is somehwere, and we do not know quite who Anybody is. But Anybody always seems to be everywhere. In fact, we're pretty sure if you chose some person at random, this person would be Anybody. Anybody has existed at some point. We are not sure whether or not Anybody is related to Nobody, or Anybody IS Nobody.

Anybody can be Mario, Nobody, even Fred Durst when he should be a Nobody. Anybody is a mixture of evil, heroes, losers, dead people, even objects. If you find a person just called anybody, it's a fake because Anybody is beyond everyone in the entire UnWorld. These guys are definitely anybody.

We are currently trying to decide whether or not you are Anybody. Click here for the answer!