Annoying Orange

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Annoying Orange

You're an apple! Heheheheh!

Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Orange
Species: Fruit
Home: An Orange Tree (Formerly)
The Streets
Death: Eaten
Likes: To annoy everybody
Dislikes: To get eaten
Education: ...
Occupation: ...
Known For: Blowing up a continent, Accidentally breaking Florida in "Ask Orange #14"
UnRank: 1,000,000

Cquote1.png I'm an Orange! Cquote2.png
The Annoying Orange
Cquote1.png Hey, hey Apple! Cquote2.png
The Annoying Orange

Annoying Orange (or just Orange) is... an annoying orange, basically. He pisses a lot of people off.

And he's shamed for nothing.

Here's a table of guys that he knows:

Apple Yes Yes


(TOE-MAY-TOE to Orange)

Yes Yes
Plumkin Yes Yes
Pear Yes (no at times) No
Santa Claus Yes No
Football (Handball to Annoying Orange) Yes No (but was slightly injured)
Melon (soccer ball) No No
Other Orange No (but he's the only guy who pissed off Annoying Orange, how ironic) Yes
Kool Aid Guy Yes Yes
Passion Fruit Yes (sort of, but not much, as she likes his dimples) No


(they made insults at each other)

Jigsaw Yes (very annoyed) No
Barney (the Eggplant) Yes Yes
Apple Touch Yes (fairly) Yes (the first time Annoying Orange killed someone; by spitting orange juice in his electronics)
The Blackberries No Yes
The Banana Twins No No
Lemon No No
Kiwi No No
Apple 2 No Yes
Cheese Yes End my misery! No more stupid puns!


Twice, but Liam can wish himself alive again.

Super Mario (Stupid Mario or Spaghetti Os to Orange)


No (just got a Game Over from a bullet bill)


Potato Man

(Muddy Buddy or Spud Muffin to Orange)

Yes Yes
Carrot Unknown No


(Excess Cabbage to Orange)

No/Yes Yes
Celery Yes/No No



Yes (No at times) Yes
Onion Rings Yes (very, he annoyed them for SEVEN days straight) No (only one died by being eaten by a Pitbull)

Alot of guys DIE! after meeting with him, although he only killed Apple Touch so far. Beside of the guys listed above, he also annoys: Mario, Weegee, Malleo, Peach, The King of Hyrule, Captain Lou Albano, the ABC group (A, B, C, F, H, K, L, X, Z), Smbzfan2, Homer Simpson, Leonidas, Robin Hood, YouTube, WHOA!, Chocolate Fish ect. Despite this, he never dies because his subscriber level is FAR OVER 9000! It was recently discovered that he has powers to turn people into Onion Rings in 7 days by watching a cursed videotape. OH NOEZ! Run! Run for your butts, before he turns YOU into one, too!

Annoying Orange's YouTube's Channel