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Background Information[edit]

America (Hetalia).png

This guy likes cheeseburgers.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Yellow
Eye color: Blue
Species: Human (before death and after revival) Zombie (after death)
Home: UnAmerica
Death: Being stabbed by Matryoshka Miku
AKA: Alfred F. Jones (before death) Zambie (after death)
Likes: Unknown (before death) To eat all brains (after death)
Dislikes: None
Education: Unknown
Occupation: None
Known For: For liking cheeseburgers
UnRank: 926
Promotion: None

He is some guy who has the name of Alfred F. Jones, and he wears glasses and eats cheeseburgers. He was one of Matryoshka Miku's victims that got murdered by her and became a zombie.


One day, he was hanging out with some other guys like Captain 0 and Benson when all of a sudden, Matryoshka Miku and Jeff the Killer came out of nowhere and attacked the three. Sadly, America, or I should say Alfred Jones died from severe injuries. However, Captain 0 and Benson survived.

Becoming a Zombie[edit]

As soon as he found out, England started freaking out and then cried, and then freaked out some more. He and another guy then splashed

Frankenstein juice on America's grave, which then he came back from the dead as a zombie. "Zambie" (America) then ate both their brains, and they both became zombies as well.

The Great Zambie Apocalypse[edit]

Eventually, the three went on a rampage and caused another one of them "Zambie Apocalypses". Luckily, the epidemic was stopped by luring all the zombified guys to Sparta, where they gladly ate the brains of THOSE people, and now are very stuffed and no longer hungry.


He is best friends with the zombie version of England and likes to play solitaire with him. Wait, how is that possible? Solitaire is a one person game!


Optimus Prime revived him and England made them no longer zombies and made them alive again, after that, he, England, and Optimus Prime started to help Happycat and NaN clean up Somebody's blatant RÆP of the UnContinuity.


  • He has a name of a country for some reason.
  • He is the main cause of The Great Zambie Apocalypse.