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7 is the 12th member of 1234567890 and an apprentice cannibal under the teachings of wise old 8. When 7 was officially born as a number, he was put in the same room as 8. 8 taught him everything he knows... including the art of cannibalism. This changed 7's life forever.

7 first gained notability when the 7th Harry Potter book came out. Nobody knew what number came after 6, so 7 introduced himself and became famous. Now he is one of the most popular numbers ever. But he will never be more popular than number 2.

7 lived out 7,777 years of fame before something happened. He recovered from this something, but then he was framed for a crime! 8 had done the unthinkable... he had eaten another number! 9 had been eaten by 8, and 8 was already set up for 8 years in prison. What better to do than blame 7 for the crime? 7 had been there, so it was easy to blame him.

7 went on the run to avoid getting caught by 4. He ran for 7 years, hoping he could avoid capture. He thought he was finally safe, and started a life in the Bubble Bass Empire. He was there for 7 minutes, and then Bubble Bass walked up. He asked if 7 supported him. "Who are you?" 7 and Bubble Bass had a fight then. 7 won. 7 now lives with & in Keyboard Village.

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