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The guy who asks too many questions on 2030.

2030 will be a year that will (and I hope to fucking god) start a fresh new lease amongst our planet. Brining up a new civilization and a new lease on life of all of us here on planet Earth. Eh, fuck, I ran out of ideas on what else to say here next.


  • All breakfast, lunch and dinner will all be at home now
  • The entire country of Japan goes extinct.
  • All school and college work will all be done at home and will be instructed by a robot.
  • McDonalds shuts down due to food poisoning.
  • All grocery shopping will be done all online now.
  • Despite Japan going extinct, The country of India replaces them for being the most technological country in the world.
  • Smartphones in general will no longer exist either.
  • Social Media websites such as Tumblr and 4Chan will close down too.
  • Flying newspapers from that one Harry Potter sequel you watched will be invented.
  • Bill Gates dies from lung cancer, and both Apple and Microsoft cease operations.
  • No veterans who served in World War 2 cease to exist due to old age.
  • God dammit we can't think up of anything else here.

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