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The UnMario Wiki main page

The UnMario Wiki is a wiki that talks about Mario and how he exists in the UnMario Universe. It is also the UnAnything Wiki's next door neighbor and older sister. The UnMario Wiki is also the UnAnything Wiki's mother in a way, but we're not going to discuss the details. The UnMario Wiki is not as awesome as the UnAnything Wiki, but it's still pretty awesome.


The UnMario Wiki was created back in August of 2008. It was a different time back then. The UnMario Wiki started out small, but it grew! Then it didn't grow so much. Then it grew a lot! Then it grew with spam.

This spam resulted in a civil war later known as the UnWar. The admins of UnMario and the spammers fought against each other. A third faction formed. This was the UnAnything Team. The UnAnything Team created the UnAnything Wiki as a refugee camp for wounded UnMario soldiers that no longer wanted to fight.

The UnMario Wiki was in ruins after the UnWar. Only recently has reconstruction began. With new administrator Oobooglunk, the UnMario Wiki still has hope.